Effective care, made simple. Easily track carbs, integrate with your CGM, and send data to your clinician.


Bringing innovative technology together with personalized coaching, Palette Care redefines diabetes care with our virtual platform.

People with diabetes track all lifestyle data such as diet, exercise, mood, sleep and medication in one place. All lifestyle data is integrated with biometrics, such as blood glucose and CGM, to derive behavior insight.

Based on the observed trend and patterns, clinicians customize patient engagement to influence and reinforce positive behavior change and to continuously improve clinical outcomes. Interaction with clinicians through chat and text message is an integrated part.

With the help of advanced data analytics, engagement incentives are created based on Palette Score so customized intervention can be implemented to sustain and reward lasting behavior change.

Palette Care provides HIPAA compliant data storage and data sharing to allow secured access of patient data anytime and anywhere.